March 1, 2018

Joseph Feibel


My contract’s period of performance is ending, however, due to delays in litigation, work has been delayed. We have funding remaining and like to extend the contract period of performance for six additional months. What information do I need to provide the Contracting Officer in order request to extend the period of performance of the contract?


Please provide a signed memorandum requesting the extension.  Please see the sample that follows.


To:           (Name of Contracting Officer)

                  Contracting Officer

From:            (Your Name)

                       COR, (Your Division)

Date:             March 1, 2018

Subject:        Extension of Contract No. (Contract Number) (Name of Contractor) (expires -Current Expiration Date)


 The (Name of Division, Office) recommends extending the contract of (Name of Contractor) to serve as the consulting and testifying expert in the matter of (Matter Name and Number), until  (Type date you would like contract to extend to i.e. February 28, 2019) at no additional cost to the government as the contract has not completed the work.


(Name of Contractor) contract expires on (expires -Current Expiration Date)(Name of Division, Office) is preparing a recommendation to enter into consent negotiations in the matter and the contractor’s report will be required for consent negotiations, and, if the matter goes to trial, the contractor’s testimony will be required. Thus, staff requests extending the contract through the end of February 2019. Staff is not requesting an extension to the contractor’s scope of work or funding, only to the length of the contract.

Cost Estimate

No additional cost. As of now, there is sufficient funding remaining on the contract in the amount of ($ of Funds Remaining on Contract).