Joseph Feibel – April 18, 2021
Woody Allen became famous for this phrase: “80% of success is just showing up.” That statement is accurate. It needs modification. “80% of success is showing up on time 98% of the time.” Nobody shows up on time a hundred percent of the time. That is way beyond the Pareto curve, but anybody who shows up 98% of the time is going to be a success.

If I have the option of hiring a mediocre person who is predictable or an erratic genius, I would hire the mediocre person every time. Organizations depend on predictability. People in the division of labor become dependent on each other. It is possible that they can cover for each other, but if they do this over extended periods of time, the person they are covering for is going to create resentment. Eventually, he will have to be fired.

I am a product of the Public School System. I will say this: it does teach students a degree of predictability. The very bright ones who are self-disciplined would be successful in any environment. I am talking about those students who are not particularly gifted, who do not gain self-discipline in their home environment, but who do learn to show up on time at school, and to move from classroom to classroom in less than 10 minutes. For these students, the public schools do offer some benefit. benefit. The endless ringing of bells in the public school systems of America does have a purpose: to get the students used to a schedule.