Joseph Feibel – April 3, 2021

If you are really serious about increasing your productivity, start a daily journal. This can be on paper. It can be online. It should be closed to the public if it is online.

Before you get off work, at the end of your workday, sit down and summarize the major challenges of the day. If you came up with a solution, write it down. If you came up with a solution in a unique way, write down the process you used to come up with the solution. You are going to forget the solution if you do not write it down.

You are looking for patterns. You are trying to move from what are intuitive decisions on your part into patterns of decision-making. If you can find the patterns and take advantage of them.

If you cannot train a replacement when it comes time for you to move up in the hierarchy, it becomes expensive for your employer to give you a raise and a promotion. You are too valuable right where you are. Unless you plan to stay right where you are, you should work to become much too valuable to remain there.

You should always be working to master your field. You should strive systematically to be near the top. If you succeed, you will get offers to move up or move out into other opportunities.

There really are better opportunities out there. My advice is wait for a call from someone who offers you a better opportunity. Until then you receive a better offer, be content to master your field. If you get a better offer, take the offer. However, your goal should not be to get the offer. Your goal should to master your present job. This mindset will make you an asset that is being underused. That is how you get offers to move to better opportunities.