Joseph Feibel – September 5, 2020
FAI’s incredible array of FY21 FAC-C, FAC-COR, FAC-P/PM, and continuous learning instructor-led training offerings are now open for enrollment. Book a seat now to take advantage of this free training. Visit FAI’s training page at: for a lists of all the class offerings that have seats available. All the courses necessary for certification can be found there as well as course offerings for the following new subjects: Understanding Industry (Business Acumen), Cybersecurity—Supply Chain Risk Management, Information Technology Acquisition, Acquisition of Agile Services, Applying Agile Scrum Master—Practices in the Federal Environment, Developing Agile Requirements and User Stories in the Federal Environment, Conducting Acquisitions for Cloud Services, The Integrated Project Team, Government Product Owner, Procurement Innovation—FAR Flexibility, Other Transaction Authority, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and the Critical Decision-Making Capstone.