June 28, 2019

Joseph Feibel

If you get fired, clear out immediately. Don’t stick around. Don’t try to get even. Don’t mouth off. Just get out. Here today, gone tomorrow. That’s how the organization looked at you, and that is how you must now look at the organization. Don’t do any favors for it. Don’t go on part-time. Just leave. Let the organization live with its decision. That’s what you have to do, so it should have to do the same thing.

Usually, large organizations force people out immediately. They don not want problems, which is a lot easier today than it was before computerized businesses. If you are in small organization, you must send a message to your boss. He can no longer rely on you.

Should you help the person coming in? I would not help. Your boss should do the heavy lifting. If your boss calls you for any information, tell him you are scrambling around looking for another job. This is a good reason for not cooperating. Do not tell him anything. Let him bear the full costs of his decision to fire you. Do nott say anything negative. Just do not say anything at all.

If it was your decision to leave, and your boss calls for help, do it. There is no need to make an enemy. However, if the boss fired you, he made himself an enemy. Let him live with that decision.