Joseph Feibel – August 25, 2019

In the Wifcon website, Vern Edwards recently mentioned an article by Tom Nutile that MITRE Corp. has published a new study: Critical Analytic Thinking Skills: Do They Predict Job-Related Task Performance Above and Beyond General Intelligence? Downloadable. 23 pages. Interesting. Offers good definition of critical thinking.

Mitre’s is study is the first to suggest critical analytic thinking plays a separate role from intelligence in predicting performance.

According to the study, “…effortful thinking stands above and beyond sheer intelligence itself in predicting job performance.” Mitre is hopeful that future researchers will examine to see whether our it findings hold up with different populations, different measures of cognitive ability, and different measures of job performance.

For those that may be interested, the offers a course in Critical Thinking for Acquisition Professionals.